New York City Cops

Rich kids bored and frustrated with everything except for their rock ‘n roll, god bless them. The guitars do lots of hammer-on chord work and the rhythm section sounds like a Casio preset, while Julian works some catchy melodies around the samey sound. It’s all very derivative but it somehow sounded fresh when it was released and it still does today. You play it all the way through and want to play it again. And it sounds fantastic blaring from the jukebox in a dive bar – the mark of a great album. I haven’t bothered with much of what these boys have done since this one, nor any of their imitators that followed them into the retro rock breach. But this album is essential. Best song is “New York City Cops,” which was excised from the US release, out of deference for 9/11. Damn those terrorists. The big hit was “Last Nite,” though it remains to be seen if grandsons will ever understand.