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From Then Til Now

Killah Priest should have been a full fledged member of the Wu Tang Clan. Hopefully our nation’s schools will continue to spread this important message to future generations. He has a unique, rhyme heavy flow with lots of biblical references and spiritual metaphors, a mix of a conscious scientific style with battle rap braggadocio. It would have been perfectly suited to the Wu, with his thoughtful and theological darts in among the rest of the crew; on his own, his solo albums get a bit tiresome. Fortunately, his debut is blessed with great production (from top tier Wu producers Tru Master and 4th Disciple) and some guest shots by Inspectah Deck and Ol’ Dirty, among others. “From Then Til Now” is a classic Priest track, as his flow haunts the beat with the sort of lyrics that resonate far more deeply than the typical rap fare: “Children used to grow on lilies/Now they roll up Phillies/But the pyaminds of Cheops is my weed spot/Sometimes I eavesdrop in the books of Enoch/We went from studying the epistles of Paul/Beneath a waterfall rubbing crystal balls/Now we spray paint our initials on the wall.”