Good lord. You think Lennon’s debut is depressing? This is dire stuff. Ringo is not a good singer, he’s not even an interesting vocal presence. His stuff was great with The Beatles because John Lennon & Paul McCartney were writing his songs. Watch Let It Be and you’ll see that George probably wrote “Octopus’s Garden.” His own minor country tune “Don’t Pass Me By” took him like six years to write and only really works because it’s on the bloody White Album. But this album is just ponderous. These are old timey Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennett type songs – I’m not a fan of that stuff at all, but even if I was I suspect I’d still find these performances pretty offensive. I cannot imagine how crushing it must have been for any Beatles fan who might have purchased this album in the spring of 1970. Song after song of schmaltzy bullshit. The sad thing is that Ringo is really trying here, and he’s got some big band backing and producers like Quincy Jones and even George Martin behind him. He is just way, way out of his depth. Less Cole Porter, more “The No No Song,” Ring.