Sometimes life just gets in the way of blogging. Here’s an update of some stuff going on in my life.

Just bought a new place for the family on the east side of Camden (“fixer uper, good value,” read the text only ad on craigslist), and I have to say that it’s been something of an adjustment. We’re on the second floor of a boarded up convenient store, and so far the kids have really enjoyed playing down among the empty shelves and broken bottles. My youngest son has been obsessed with an unmarked plastic bag of either flour or corn starch that he found in a crawl space. So we might have a future chef in the family! My wife was against the move – she’s a nice southern Baptist girl, the favorite daughter of wealthy South Carolina alpaca farm family. I feared that the cultural adjustment would be too much for her, but our block is nearly deserted, and the abandoned plot of land just beside our building would be perfect for a small garden of organic veggies. I will post up some pictures of the new place soon, but my phone was recently either misplaced or stolen.

What else? My life is good, as always writing and tackling life like Hemingway, wrestling lions and piloting my 15′ fishing boat up and down the Raritan River. I just quit smoking so I’ve been a little edgy lately. Sometimes I’ll just start a fight in public, shoving a stranger, usually a tough looking thug sort, just to see whether he’ll react. If I’m lucky enough to induce a physical confrontation, the fight will usually settle into a classic five round structure, surrounded by a crowd of onlookers shouting and waving wads of cash in the air. Last week, I ended a battle by piledriving my opponent on a curb, which was odd because the move requires participation from the victim. But it’s all about the show, sending the fans home happy. Even with a knife wound or some other grievous injury, opponents will always show respect to each other once the fight is over, usually taking a collective bow to the appreciative crowd. That’s just part of the street fighting code. That’s what writing is all about too – fighting, defeating your opponent, devouring the page. That’s what inspires me. So I’m off to the Camden streets, to look for inspiration and maybe get some ice cream. More stuff coming soon.