Milk The Cow

Who among even the most devoted of the Wu faithful was clamoring for a Cappadonna solo album? This one just makes me angry. Unlike Cappa’s later solo “efforts,” this was released during the Wu peak period and was stocked with top production and guest spots. While actual members Masta Killa and Inspectah Deck were passed over, this blundering cab driving weed carrier was given a prime solo deal. It’s a sin. Listen to some these wasted beats, the classic Method Man verse on “Dart Throwing,” or Ghost’s song stealing chorus on “’97 Mentality.” There is some quality Wu material on here that’s nearly destroyed by Cappadonna’s lack of charisma or skills! It gets me so pissed off that I feel like punching something right now!

* several hours later *

Just firing up my new computer after experiencing some technical difficulties with the last one. Anyway, the Wu crew somehow manage to make this an interesting listen, which speaks to the level of talent at work here (Cappadonna excepted). True Master gives this album a grimier soul sound (“Slang Editorial,” “Milk The Cow”), while RZA tosses some throwaway beats Cappa’s way. This was the first time I can remember being really disappointed with RZA’s production work, as these proto Bobby Digi keyboard stabs sound careless and substandard. We also get Cappa’s version of the police fleeing tale “Run” several years before Ghost’s, both produced by RZA and including similar details of pants being pulled up during the chase. I prefer Ghost’s song, but somehow I believe Cappa’s tale of stumbling down alleyways, tossing off dime bags and trying to hold up his pants while being chased by some Stapleton beat cops. “Run” is probably Cappa’s finest moment – qualified though that praise might be – and it probably would have made for a worthy addition to the Wu affiliate compilation The Swarm. But he was not capable of carrying a solo album on his own, and even with some notable support, The Pillage is a failure.