Look On Up At The Bottom

LA punks unironically celebrating the trashy pop culture icons of the 70’s. Irony would seem to be a given with song titles like “Linda Blair,” “Solid Gold,” and “St Lita Ford Blues.” But the McDonald boys were different – they really loved this stuff, so their enthusiasm nearly overcomes the lack of musical skill. This is a rough sounding album, but then who really wants their punk rock performed with precison by professional hacks? Millions apparently, but not me. The title Born Innocent is derived from “Linda Blair”‘s tale of the early scream queen gone wrong (“In The Exorcist baby/You were really insane/You got busted for cocaine”), and that theme resounds through the album, from the clearly playful “Kill Someone You Hate” (a Suicidal Tendencies parody? I don’t know enough about early 80’s Cali punk to be sure but I wouldn’t be surprised) along with two Charles Manson tributes. Despite the shoddy playing and songwriting, the boys already have a knack for writing hooks, suggesting that their punky sound is more of a necessity than real inspiration. They would later stumble from patchy psychedelia (Neurotica) to awful pop rock (Third Eye) to two fine albums of smart, hooky 90s rock (Phaseshifter, Show World) that more gracefully incorporated their goofy pop culture influences.