Even if Side Two of Ritual de lo Habitual is the real pinnacle of Jane’s Addiction’s art rock style, their most listenable album is actually this semi-live debut. This is the sound of a tightly wound LA band playing like they desperately need a record deal to support their decadent lifestyle – so they mean it, man. You’ve got two of the best songs from Nothing’s Shocking in near identical versions; while there are some minor differences in Perry’s vulgar mid-song rant in “Pigs In Zen,” “Jane Says” is already being performed as a defining anthem, their own Monkees-style theme song. Stones and Velvets covers are tossed in back to back, and it’s funny how “Rock ‘n Roll” sounds more like the FM radio staple while “Sympathy” sounds more like the hip semi-poetic Warhol rock. Jane’s just turns them into one long boogie, as they should. Navarro channels Jimmy Page by way of Jerry Garcia and Perry screeches like he’s got something to prove. My favorite song is “1%,” a sloganeering anthem celebrating nonconformity. “You know the gang and the government, they’re no different/That makes me 1%.” You got it, Perry.