Go Go' Beauty and the Beat

How Much More

This album reminds me of driving around in Highland Park in my old blue Chrysler with two goons looking for the crooks who’d stolen our truck of laserdisc players. Not that they were our laserdisc players, but we’d gone through the trouble of jacking them from a shipment that had come in to Port Newark the night before, so they were techincally our property at that point. I was planning on selling them in the bodegas I owned along the Jersey Shore, then sending the empty boxes to use for phony inventory purposes at my cousin’s electronics store out in Woodbridge. The problem was that the driver had gone rogue, roughing up some of my guys and making off with the truck full of our merchandise. But I knew who was really responsible – it was the Crazy Larry, as they called him, from Highland Park. He owned a rival chain of electronics stores and he was always causing trouble, sticking his beak where it didn’t belong. I knew he’d done it to just to send us a message, but I was okay with that – as the readers of this blog should already know, I’m a message guy too. So I was heading up to his territory with two messages of my own: Petey and Little Vinnie, each armed with a shotgun, with a plan to shoot out the windows of one of Crazy Larry’s electronics stores. We had this tape – the Go-Go’s debut – playing during the drive. I wish I could say that “We Got The Beat” was the song that was on when we finally unloaded on that storefront, smashing out all of the windows and sending screaming workers scattering in all directions – it would have made for a cool film noir sort of moment. But it was actually “How Much More,” which I guess makes sense too, if you think about it. How much more could we take, right? Anyway, this is a good album, if a bit repetitive. If you’re going to buy one Go-Go’s, just get the Greatest Hits, which cuts away the filler tracks and gives you “Vacation” on there too. We never recovered our truck, though Crazy Larry passed away a few weeks later in a tragic accident involving some rope and the Raritan River.