Follow this invisible trail. Hang on to the smoke rail. If only we had a little more night to profitly sea but this’ll due. The mask is snug the task you’ll dig. Topless moon, have you no shame? They raised a blind army to tap its cane upon the whole world if it’s able. Here in the temple the veterans are gathered around the stereo. “This is a different kind of battle,” says every general. A chattering skull. You almost have to laugh. Tell all the people.

Let the first witness take the stand. State your name and occupation. State your nation. Assume their debts and deaths and laws and gimmicks. Crime predicted. No gold, but God backs the the Dollar. Wanted: heroes, whores, bureaucrats, and models. You were born to be a statesman! Don’t sing, sign here. Your nice new watch says half past an epoch. High time you reef a book or rather roll the dice like lost vagrants. Hey prisoner, leave that all own. Their minds are maid up. Their troops no strangers to friction. Enough of that. Go get some more straw for the castle.

Ah, but hour leaderrs we know. Pissed ills pointed from walls, poison spilled from quills to laws, while dicktators axe the questions. In the beginning it came to pass that our little slab of grass was ours alone so we smoked it! Paranoia – now I raqqed. Well I’ll be damned the buy bull is lamb’d while the buddha just waits for service. I’m just a citizen of the universe. This place is a mess, grab a broom, will you?

Me – I just play LPs but I need three G’s a week or I’m F’d. C? Very whale to run fingers on scales but not hooks. I march’d like a soldier to “When The Music’s Over,” shouted living theatre to dead cities. Buy the ticket, take the ride, as the Doctor told us.